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Jin Kim ANS 361 TKUS Professor Oppenheim Final Policy Paper There has been a long and heavy tension between the North Korea and the United States regarding the DPRK’s nuclear weapon program, especially since the North Korea decided to nullify the U.S.-North Korean Agreed Framework of 1994 and withdraw from the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. The U.S. has yet to come up with a definite policy to deal with the North Korea’s nuclear program and in this paper, I’d like to assume the role of the U.S. government and pursue the policy that I think is going to be effective dealing with this nuclear problem. There is no clear motive of North Korea as to why it disregarded the U.S. – North Korean Agreed Frame-work and instead decided to continue pursuing its nuclear program, but what is clear is that they’re using it to pressure the U.S. government and the rest of the world into favored negotiation and to provide necessary supplies to North Korea. Thus as the first primary measure, I believe
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that we should completely cut any support, mainly food, for North Korea until it gives up the nuclear program. DPRK today still receives food assistance from various non-governmental organizations. Food source is the most necessary benefit that the North Korea needs, especially with the infertility of its land, and is the reason why it is always stipulated in many of the agreements it had made. Issue of ethics is also in play since cutting food support to North Korea would also harm many innocent natives as well, but I believe that in order for this measure to be ultimately effective, we have to risk the lives of some people if it means peace for greater number of people and countries. With that being said, my further general policy towards North Korea’s nuclear
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TKUS Paper #3 - Jin Kim ANS 361 TKUS Professor Oppenheim...

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