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Review test 3-II - I II III IV V VI Structure of the Mental...

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I. Structure of the Mental Health System a. Place of treatment i. Mental hospitals – care for those who can’t care for themselves. Brief 2-4 weeks hospitalizations for acute psychotic episodes. ii. General hospitals – most psychiatric inpatient stays. Sometimes in a special psychiatric ward. iii. Nursing homes – older chronic mental patients. Quality of living conditions varies. Few, if any, special treatment personnel. iv. Halfway homes – provides transition to general community. May help seek employment & place to live. v. Community mental health centers – free or low-cost services. Activities aimed at preventing psychological problems where possible. vi. Clinicians’ private offices – preferred by those who can afford them. b. Providers of treatment i. Psychiatrists – M.D. with psychiatry training & residency. Can work in any setting, but most choose hospitals or private practice. Can prescribe drugs.
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