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Psych Outline 1 Test 2 - OUTLINE I. Gross Organization of...

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OUTLINE I. Gross Organization of the Nervous System A. Peripheral- consists of all other nerve cells in the body. 1. Somatic (Voluntary)- transmits sensory signals to the CNS via nerves. a. Afferent Nerves- send their signals from body to the brain. b. Efferent Nerves- send their signals from brain to the body. 2. Autonomic (Involuntary)- regulates the body’s internal environment by stimulating glands and by maintaining internal organs such as the heart. a. Sympathetic (Fight or Flight)- prepares the body for action. B. Central- consists of brain and spinal cord (encased in bone) 1. Spinal Cord- rope of neural tissue that runs inside the hollows of the vertebrae, just above the pelvis up into the base of the skull. 2. Brain a. Ventricles- there is a lateral, third and fourth ventricle. The fluid filled spaces in the brain colore plexus b. Hemispheres- the brain consists of 2 hemispheres. (no def) II. Structural Organization of the Brain A. Hindbrain a. Medulla- is one of the main structures of the hindbrain, is the enlarged tip of the spinal cord. Nerve impulses from the medulla stimulate the intercostal muscles and diaphragm. Also regulates the heartbeat and adjusts the blood flow by regulating the diameter of the arterioles. b. Pons- allows information to travel in and out of cerebellum. c. Cerebellum- is a large protuberance connected to the back of the brainstem. Very important for proper motor function. It is essential for movement. B. Midbrain C. Forebrain- Hippocampus is part of it (saw on mock exam so going to write def)- plays an important role in the storage of new memories. It creates new interconnection within the cerebral cortex with each new experience. Most concerned with ushering memories from short-term to long-term memory. Amygdala (alson on mock exam)- most important in emotional aspects of learing.
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a. Hypothalamus- is the master regulatory structure of the brain and is indispensable to
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Psych Outline 1 Test 2 - OUTLINE I. Gross Organization of...

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