JS's Key Concepts 11

JS's Key Concepts 11 - comes in Haesu(from Clay Walls –...

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ANS 301M Fall 2006 Key Concepts 11 chuch’e (Juche) (North Korea), - North Korean policy of self-reliance. the 1994 Agreed Framework, -Prevented from having a war (Carter goes to Pyeongyang) -Organized treaty -weakened; both sides were reluctant to carry out the points made. -killed by the Bush Policy (Democrat Republic) corporatism in North Korea (from Cumings), -idea in different Political Forms: state is family. -N. Korea version is that N is all-powerful being -idea of N
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Unformatted text preview: comes in. Haesu (from Clay Walls – her background, perspective, etc.), -Daughter of yangban family.-Marries Chun.-Goes to America. Chun (same), -Son of a poor family.-Marries Haesu.-Demonstrates in a school.-Goes to America. Faye (same), -Daughter of Chun and Haesu “clay walls” as a metaphor in the book-Clay walls are the barriers/walls surrounding the old notion of pride/status in Korea.-They are dissolving under the pressure of current issues....
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