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Key Concept #8 - -the KDP were thought of as collaborators...

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38 th parallel - The 38th parallel was first suggested as a dividing line for Korea by Japan in 1902. The parallel was established as the boundary the US in 1945. The parallel divided the peninsula roughly in the middle and in 1948, the dividing line became the boundary between North and South Korea. At the end of the Korean War (1950-1953), a new border was established through the middle of the Demilitarized Zone , which cuts across the 38th parallel at an acute angle , from southwest to northeast. The 38th Parallel was also the place where the cease-fire was called to end the fighting U.S. Occupation in Korea – gen. John Hodge assigned to administer Korean affairs, head USAMGIK (US army military govt, in Korea) - US refused to recognize the “Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea”; instead Syngman Rhee was chosen to provisionally lead the country -US supported the Korean Democratic Party (KDP) and marginalized the Korean People’s Republic
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Unformatted text preview: -the KDP were thought of as collaborators “people’s committees”/ Korean’s People Republic (KPR) and Yo Un-hyong-towards the left in terms of the political spectrm-led by Yo Un-hyong-believed that Koreans themselves should liberate Korea, because foreign troops in Korea would cause problems-established the “people’s committee” in all the province of Korea-strived for the coalition of al Korean nationalist (left and right), wanted to eliminate Korean People’s Republic – Official name of North Korea. The country's government styles itself as following the Juche ideology of self reliance, developed by Kim Il-sung , the country's first president . The current leader is Kim Jong-il , the late president Kim Il-sung's son. Relations are strong with other officially sot states, especially with China. Kim Il Sung -...
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