Key Concepts 8 - -Not true N Korea was a lot more...

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Occupation, Division, and War Key Concepts 8 38 th parallel, - DMZ U.S. Occupation in Korea, -After the separation of the two Koreas, the U.S. military government stayed in the South and tried to control the Korean politics. “people’s committees”/Korean People’s Republic, - Self-ruled committees after the Japanese left. - M - Shows how different powers come into being in North and South Korea. Korean Democratic Party, -Party that opposed M and M . - was able to stop M from having dictatorship. Kim Il Sung, -Leader of N. Korea -Changed from the Marxist idea to Juche -Fought the Japanese in Manchuria. -Father of M . -N. Korea is based on his views currently. -Set up foundation of communist. -Korean workers party -Gorilla issue. Syngman Rhee (Yi Sûng-man), - Korean National Police (in the South), - Yô Un-hyông, -Tried to form left/right coalition. youth groups, -student movement/demonstration against political oppression from M /M /M /M M Yôsu rebellion, - “Soviet satellite,”
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-N. Korea is directly commanded by the Soviets.
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Unformatted text preview: -Not true; N. Korea was a lot more independent (juche) before the Soviet fell. the “start” of the Korean War, -6.25 the North came down to the South to start the war. the Korean People’s Army (North), -1949 border fighting, -process leading up to the 6.25 War. Continuous conflict between North and South Korea along the 38 th parallel. Ongjin Peninsula, -Before 6.25, one of the conflict sites between the North and the South. 25 June 1950, -atomic weapons (in Korean War), -General MacArther trying to use atomic weapon in Manchuria, and also use it since the war didn’t seem to end. rollback,-pushing back the N. Korea until the Abrok River. Chinese Intervention in Korean War, -helped out the North ( C c ) “limited” war vs. “total” war-Different perspectives of Korean War.-U.S. commitment to Korea was narrow and limited.-However, Korea views it as total, massive war.-For U.S. Total War would be WWII....
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Key Concepts 8 - -Not true N Korea was a lot more...

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