Key Concepts 9 - policy loans-F-state would make loans at...

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South Korean Industrialization Key Concepts 9 The “miracle on the Han,” -Fast, advanced, miraculous development along the Han River during F . “getting prices wrong” (Cumings p. 300), - import substitution, -Shift in economic policy between F . -idea of F . -identify products of consumer goods from abroad. Then, seek its markets domestically, instead of importing goods. (U.S.) Department of State vs. Department of Defense, -Reason why F was able to get a lot of money. -F was able to go to a different side when pressured by one. -State pressured him about election. -Defense put priority in defense. -They both supported him b/c they didn’t want him to be communists. Park Chung Hee, - export-led development, -During F . -make factories within Korea, then import foreign resources, then make products for sale. state-led industrialization (vs. market-led), -state supporting the industries by reducing tax, so that the industries can fully concentrate in developing the nation.
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Unformatted text preview: policy loans, -F-state would make loans at good interest rates to companies. heavy/chemical industrialization (HCI), -During F .-the “Big Push,” -Under the Nixon Doctrine.-Big Push towards chemicals and industrialization.-Central Phase of HCI and chemical. 1965 Normalization Treaty with Japan, -Very unpopular by the people.-F signs it, faces opposition by ppl.-“Free money” by the Japanese.-Solved issues from the colonialism period but left out some issues like comfort women.-Resolves Japanese responsibilities, but not all Korean issues.-Solved everything by money. Vietnam War (and Korea), -regionalism, -Develops into 1980’s from the election of 1945.-F , F – leading parties: associated with the SE region of the country.-They voted for only one party, never the other.-However, the SW region voted exclusively for F .-Different regions voting for one person only.-Uneven development in Korea between SW & SE. Chaebôl-...
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Key Concepts 9 - policy loans-F-state would make loans at...

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