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Kor History Reaction Paper #1

Kor History Reaction Paper #1 - Jin Kim ANS 301M Another...

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Jin Kim ANS 301M Another example of how nationalism can influence historical writing or our understanding of history can be seen in different interpretations of Japan’s invasion of Korea in each nation. Japan had been invading Korea for a long while since 1592 and took over the nation to make it a part of the Japanese Empire in 1910. Though Japanese rule over Korea ended in 1945, it left drastic difference in interpretations of it among Koreans and Japanese. For Japanese, the fact that they ruled over Koreans is thought of a national pride and is boasted in their historical writings, with almost everything they did being right and justified. Most Japanese have the notion of Koreans being inferior to them and thus have different understanding of history of Korea from Koreans. On the other hand, it is interpreted completely
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