10.15 - 1) Korea at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century...

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1) Korea at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century 2) Western involvement in East Asia) 3) Opening Korea 4) The Unyo incident and the Treaty of Kanghwa 5) Korean responses Treaty of Nanjing (1842) – “Unequal Treaties” - Treaty ports: Canton, Amoy (Xiamen), Fuzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai - Cession of Hong Kong - Indemnity for opium ($6 million Mexican) and war ($12 million) - Abolition of Cohong and Chinese payment of Cohong debts ($3 million) - Reduced tariffs - Release of British prisoners held by Chinese and amnesty for Chinese who had served the British - Equality of two nations - Extraterritoriality for British subjects Confucian system Korea is paying tribute to China, Korea was formally lower in this system. Formal inequality. China had an emperor and Korea had a king. King is lower than emperor. Practical equality/autonomy. Ching did not usually interrupt with Chosun unless they directly conflicted (ex. Not paying tributes) Nation system: result of war – formal equality, practical inequality 1868: Western forces succeed in opening Japan. Japanese government embracing program of modernizing Japan in technical, economic, and material capacities. Forced into greater contact. Couple of things going on in Korea at this time. 1) various attempts to open Korea – Westerner merchants to come to Korea and have advantage over them. Catholicism – 16 th c. China (intellectual system that has certain relationship to Confucian thought) Catholicism is called in Korea “Sohak” – Western learning. 18
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10.15 - 1) Korea at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century...

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