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Key concept 4_revised - Yi Sng-gye King Taejo of Chosn he...

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Yi Sông-gye - King T’aejo of Chosôn, he was also the founder and the first king of the Chosun dynasty of Korea, and the main figure in overthrowing the Koryo Dynasty. He was chosen to lead the invasion to Liadong peninsula, but at Wuihwa Island, he decided to revolt and took over Gaesong and the Koryo nation. He dethroned King Gongyang and took over the throne, ending the Koryo dynasty. King Sejong – King Sejong was the fourth king of the Choson Dynasty of Korea. He is best known for creating the native Korean alphabet Hangul, and is also credited with technological advances during his reign, - , - (Neo-)Confucianization” (with respect to government, the familiy) – family:   chokbo(- ) chesa(- ) prohibited marriage within same lineage, shift from male & female inheritance to male inheritance (in terms of wealth) Gov: examination system, idea that ruler govern in an interest of the welfare of people (ex: land reform), Buddhism lost power in government Civil service examinations - The kwago were the national civil service examinations in the Choson dynasties of Korea. Kwago measured candidates' knowledge of the Chinese classics, and sometimes also of technical subjects. These were the primary route for most people to achieve positions in the aristocracy. The “ladder of success” – More difficult for people below elite yangban status to break into the upper level. It was possible/easy to move down but it is very difficult to move up. mostly downward fluidity, upward monopolization. Yang ban - The yangban were well-educated male Confucian scholars who were part of the upper-class ruling elite in Korea. The name Yang ban refers to two kind of classes, which are Munban, the literary class, and Muban, the martial class The Chosôn social order - The Choson formed a very strict class system that greatly affected the
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Key concept 4_revised - Yi Sng-gye King Taejo of Chosn he...

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