Key concept 6 - The death of Prince Sado (how? reasons?)...

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The death of Prince Sado (how? reasons?) – Prince Sado had to die in the rice chest due to his irrational behaviors. Sado(Youngjo’s son) keeps going out and kills people. He runs to the country side. Sado was only killing servant but at one point, Sado is walking around the court at night, and rumor suggests the worry that Sado maybe trying to kill the King himself. When King’s life is threatened King acts. Sado tries to apologizes but king doesn’t listen. King asks Sado to kill himself, Sado strangles himself but Sado’s servant whose duty is to protect him in all circumstances keep comes out and untangles him. Sado goes into the rice box. Up to eighth day Sado knocks back but during the 8 th day big lightening and he dies. the “Hermit Kingdom” - a nickname of Korea called by Westerners in 19 th century due to Korea’s extreme policy of keeping foreigners out and minimizing contact w/ them. Koreans were forbidden to travel outside of the country, w/ main exceptions of diplomatic missions to China. Most kingdoms and nations in Korean peninsula did not trade or had relations with any other countries except china. “opening” Korea –
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Key concept 6 - The death of Prince Sado (how? reasons?)...

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