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ANS 301M: Introduction to Korean Culture and History Fall 2007 Key Concepts 4 Early Chosôn Yi Sông-gye (King T’aejo of Chosôn), King Sejong, “(Neo-)Confucianization” (with respect to government, the familiy), civil service examinations, the “ladder of success,” yangban , the Chosôn social order, sadaebu /literati, central vs. local power
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Unformatted text preview: (again), hyangni , chungin , the “Chinese world order,” sadae (“serving the great”), tributary system, hop’ae (identification tags), cadastral survey/land reform, court historiography, paekchông (occupational outcasts), heredity vs. meritocracy, the censorate (as court institution), invention of Korean alphabet (aka han’gûl )...
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