Week 13 mindmaps - CSR and Ethics Two views of CSR...

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Organisationsand managers Is the manager’s job universal / transferable? Why are organisations and management changing? How are they changing?
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MGF 1010 MANAGEMENT THEORY Classical Theories Administrative Theories Weber bureaucracy Fayol 14 principles Taylor 4 principles 1. Develop a science for each element of an individual’s work 2. Scientifically select, train employees 3. Cooperate with workers to ensure work is done in accordance with principles 4. Divide work and responsibility between management and workers Gilbreths Time –motion studies Scientific Management Organisational Behaviour or Human Relations Theory Human Relations Movement Behavioural Science Contemporary Systems Contingency Current trends and issues Contemporary Theories Hawthorne Studies Quantitative Math & stat techniques to improve decisions
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Week 12
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Unformatted text preview: CSR and Ethics Two views of CSR: Classical view: Maximise profit/return to shareholders Arguments for and against CSR? Socio-economic view: Beyond making profits and includes protecting and improving society’s welfare Factors that affect ethical and unethical behaviour Organisational (structural/culture) Issue intensity Improving ethical behaviour? Employee selection Codes of ethics Top management’s leadership Job goals and performance appraisal Ethics training Independent social audits Formal protective mechanisms Managerial Ethics Individual characteristics To whom is management responsible? Levels of CSR Social obligations Social responsiveness Social responsibility How do organisations adopt a more ecologically sustainable approach? (shades of green)...
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Week 13 mindmaps - CSR and Ethics Two views of CSR...

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