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Works Cited - Works Cited Works Cited Aben Elena “Dragon...

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Unformatted text preview: Works Cited: Works Cited: Aben, Elena. “Dragon Warriors continue to breathe fire.” Manila Bulletin. 6 August 2011. 10 August 2011. <http://www.mb.com.ph>. Cordero, Abac. “Best Phl paddlers eyed for SEAG.” The Philippine Star. 19 August 2011. 20 August 2011. <http:// http://www.philstar.com/sportsarticle>. Pagsuyuin­Hakim, Judith. “The Philippine as One Boat.” Dragon Boat Philippines Magazine. 3 April 2010. “Palace Urges Public to Show Azkals­Level Support to PHL Dragon Boat Team.” Pinoy Sniper : Philippine News and Information Portal. 09 August 2011. 10 August 2011. <http://pinoysnayper.wordpress.com>. Philippine Dragon Boat Women’s National Team. Dragon Boat Legitimacy. 2011. “Probe sought of Non­Recognition of PH­Paddlers.” Senator Pia S. Cayetano: Official Website of Philippine Senator Pia S. Cayetano. 9 August 2011. 10 August 2011 <http://senatorpiacayetano.com>. Reyes, Mark Anthony. “Philippine Paddlers to ask President Aquino: Help us regain our NASA status.” Philippine Daily Inquirer. 9 August 2011. 10 August 2011 <http:// http:// sports.inquirer.net>. Reyes, Mark Anthony and Ronnie Nathanielsz. “Philippine Dragon Boat team breathes fire, Reyes, Mark Anthony and Ronnie Nathanielsz. “Philippine Dragon Boat team breathes fire, strikes gold.” Philippine Daily Inquirer. 5 August 2011. 10 August 2011. <http://sports.inquirer.net>. Soriano, Angelica. Twitter. 7 August 2011. 10 August 2011. <http://twitter.com/mhagenifical>. LIMONERO, Arianne Therese M. 2011­33248 English 10 THY | Jimenez Reflective Essay (Report) Paddled Up! I have nothing much to say, because as Prof. Jimenez checked my draft, she made it clear what I have to include more in my paper. When it’ time to edit my first draft, I felt relieved because of the words she said. She said that I just have to delete some and go with it. I only find it hard to get books for my report because all parts where I have books as reference were all deleted. Then, I decided to get news from the net (from reliable sources only, Philippine Newspapers). I followed the MLA Citation Rules and I’m so glad because I get used to it. (Just a share: I also used it for the citation in our paper in Geog 1). I have a good mood doing this paper this time so I worked with it in just a few hours. Then, one fascinating tweet from my friend caught my attention. That served as my Then, conclusion. (ordinary people supporting PDBF). ...
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