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hwk_42_f11_01 - Ω C 1 =0.22μF C 2 =10μF C E =100μF and...

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ECE 3042 Fall 2011 Homework Set No. 1 for Experiment No. 1 Due Week of September 5 1. For the circuit shown below, use SPICE to determine the Q point, small signal voltage gain as a function of frequency (1Hz to 100MHz), and the clipping behavior for a frequency of 1 kHz. The component values are: R B1 =27k , R B2 =150k , R C =10k , R E1 =2k , R E2 =100 , R L =20k
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Unformatted text preview: Ω , C 1 =0.22μF, C 2 =10μF, C E =100μF, and V + =30V. Use the SPICE parameters for the transistor given on page 6 of the lab manual. 2. Compare the SPICE simulations with theoretical calculations. For the theoretical analysis assume that V BE =0.65V and V A = ∞ . B1 B2 V i R R C 1 R E1 V R C + R E2 C E C 2 + V R V o L...
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