The first article - The first article presents a good and...

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The first article presents a good and well-balanced argument. Which of the two position should take the lead with regards to datas and analytics? Should it be the Chief Data Officer (CDO) or the Chief Finance Officer (CFO). It is quite a tough question especially since in the present set-up of companies, most especially those that have already established a respectable name in the business world, both positions, the CDO and the CFO are key factors for the success of an enterprise. Both are critical in order to ensure the highest and the fastest return of investments (ROI). Each position, the CDO and the CFO has their own set of responsibilities. The CDO according to the article is responsible for crafting and implementing data strategies, standards, procedures and accountability policies at the enterprise level. Their unquestionable knowledge in the technical aspect of the business combined with their business know-how and good relationship with their subordinates and staffs is of utmost importance for the smooth flow of a business operation. On the other hand, there is also the CFO. This position, like the CDO, is likewise very critical and important in any business.The strategic planning on how to realize the ROI in the shortest possible span of time lies on the lap of the CFO. On his shoulder lies the duty of analyzing all datas and information in order to present a complete report. It is in my opinion that both the CDO and CFO are co-equal in importance for an
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The first article - The first article presents a good and...

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