Biomedical Business Plan Outline 5.31.06

Biomedical Business Plan Outline 5.31.06 - Biomedical...

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Biomedical Business Plan Outline Almost every business plan, regardless of the nature of the product or service or scope of the proposed enterprise, can be conformed to these standard six formal sections. Unless there is some compelling reason to deviate from this standard outline, you should build your business plan according to the format below. Keep in mind that you are creating a business document, not a scientific research paper or manuscript. Use technical nomenclature judiciously and only to the extent necessary to fully describe your proposed idea. It needs to read like a business document. The various sections should seamlessly flow into one another. This is more of an art than a science. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to start introducing the highlights of and upcoming section in an earlier section. Cover Page: Include the name for your new biomedical business venture along with each of your team mates names and contact information. Ethics Statement: Include a brief statement of your businesses intended ethics and ethical conduct with regards to the management of customers, employees, the business infrastructure, and other important stakeholders. Section #1: Executive Summary One-two pages maximum that summarizes all of the important highlights, features, competitive advantages, financing requirements, etc of the business plan, briefly touching on all of sections that follow. This should be written last and placed first. The main purpose of the Executive Summary is to entice the reader into reading and studying the entire business plan to follow. Section #2: Product or Service Description Fully describe the technology or product you have developed in as much specific detail as possible. Make use of pictures or diagrams when possible to clearly explain your product’s design and function. Identify what the unmet clinical need is that your proposed biomedical idea would fulfill. Fully describe all of the qualitative and quantitative features, differentiating characteristics, competitive advantages and other important aspects of the proposed new biomedical technology business venture in as much detail as possible. What aspects of the proposed business will differentiate it from the competition? Describe the business model to be used, ie- manufacturing or service. Define how revenues and
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Biomedical Business Plan Outline 5.31.06 - Biomedical...

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