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BMES_409-509_Syllabus_Spring_2011 - Entrepreneurship for...

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Entrepreneurship for Biomedical Engineering & Science BMES 409/509 Spring Term 2011 The business was well described. Marketing strategies were well discussed. However, the advertisement section was somewhat vague. Also, there was no discussion about the new products and future business growth strategies or opportunities. In addition, you mentioned many business problems, but no in-depth discussion about how these issues were resolved by the entrepreneur. The business’s structure was somewhat unclear such as business size, number of employees, etc. Overall, a very good effort. Thank you for your feedback. I agree with most of your comments and definitely aim to improve those aspects the next time. However, there are few responses to above feedback and I would want you to read and hence reconsider my grades for midterm. Business problem Noel faced was reaching consumer, because they really aren't much keen participant in environment friendly software product Solution I mentioned: "Definitely the launch of the Social Power Array. (http://creativeriot.com/thesocial-power-array/) We felt we could get individual users / small businesses involved through a unique social initiative (http://apps.facebook.com/enpower/) built around the Facebook platform and have them download a free version and compete with their friends in a "savings race". " This way they could reach consumer using power of social media networking. The business structure: 1
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Business size: I didn't get what is expected here, because I mentioned about duration of business and investment however, if by business size you mean revenue and exact sales figure, then the fact is I was requested by entrepreneur Noel to not include those segments because they are under a contract to not divulge any details about it. And I mentioned they have no employees as of now (The venture is run by Noel and there are other team mates but they aren't employees nor full time on the board of this business venture). You can confirm any of the above details by directly contacting the entrepreneur or I can give more clarifications. I assure you that it wasn't out of negligence that those details were missed, because I understand this concepts INSTRUCTOR: Robert J. Loring, Ph.D. Senior Entrepreneur in Residence School of Biomedical Engineering e-mail: [email protected] COURSE TA: Giang Au, M.S. Ph.D. Student School of Biomedical Engineering e-mail: [email protected] COURSE PREREQUISITES: None . The professor will instruct you on all of the specific information you will need to successfully complete this course. However, you will find it helpful if you have had any prior courses in accounting, marketing, management or finance . COURSE MATERIALS : There are no textbooks to purchase. All of the required course materials and documents are present on the BB Vista website page for this course.
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BMES_409-509_Syllabus_Spring_2011 - Entrepreneurship for...

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