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Preliminary planning ideas

Preliminary planning ideas - John Heffernan...

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John Heffernan [email protected] Katie Kealy [email protected] Dhairya Pujara [email protected] Benjamin Smith [email protected] Project : Head-On Solutions Main points: Concussion detection o Long-term effects of concussions - memory loss, dementia, depression. o Treatments are more effective when problems are diagnosed within first few hours following injury. o Cognitive disorders and memory problems are common in adults who have suffered a severe brain injury as youth and young adults. Problems are often unseen until later in life. Concussion prevention o Can be either widely or narrowly defined and applied to a range of consumer products with the goal of cranial safety. Necessary to determine the mechanics of a concussion. What points of injury are most likely to cause a concussion? What trauma does the brain undergo following a concussion? o As a result - how can brain injuries be detected (especially mild cases) other than obvious symptoms such as passing out, dizziness, etc.
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