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Design Dimensions

Design Dimensions - on the forefront of creativity through...

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Design Dimensions Hewlett Packard seems to be very informal when looked at from an outside perspective. It seems like the entire company is based on a team atmosphere where no one individual is set to a specific job tasking as a whole. Teams are utilized in all aspects of work. The company seems to have a balance of decision making through all levels of management. It is no more centralized than decentralized. There is some specialization involved in the computer business so therefore Hewlett Packard does have a fair amount of specialization involve through all levels of the company. Standardization is not in Hewlett Packard’s dictionary when it comes to product innovation and design. They look for new ideas and methods to create new technology and stay
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Unformatted text preview: on the forefront of creativity through every employee’s ideas and knowledge. I would say the organization could be considered complex in the aspect of its different divisions all around the world who are tasked with different company objectives. Similar too many other major corporations there are a hierarchy of authority throughout. A chain of command is very prevalent in the company’s structure. Based on my research after reading the corporate website for Hewlett Packard I have come to the conclusion that the company is formalized in several aspects of the business as well as informal in other aspects. They have a balance of the two the works for them to achieve their organizational goals....
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