Plastic Bags - reconsidering purchasing quite a few of those to eliminate the use of plastic bags My question is this what happens to the majority

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Plastic Bags Holy Plastic BAGs!!! I could not believe how many plastic bags are thrown away every year. Between 500 billion and a trillion bags are consumed each year. The craziest thing about that is the fact that is cost more to recycle a plastic bag than it does to make a new one. It does not sound like a good trade off to me. These 500 billion bags are not getting recycled they are being put into landfills and the ocean. I feel like we are knowingly destroying earth and not even caring about it. I am guilty of going to the grocery store and getting my groceries in plastic bags and coming home. After I am done unloading all of the food I throw the bags away. I did not realize how many countries were going plastic bag free. I wish that the United States would do the same. I have seen the new cloth bags that are sold at the grocery store for a dollar and I always thought those were a waste of time and money. After viewing the slide I am
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Unformatted text preview: reconsidering purchasing quite a few of those to eliminate the use of plastic bags. My question is this, what happens to the majority of the paper bags that are used from the grocery store? Are they being recycled or just thrown away? I am sure there are similar numbers there but at least they can be recycled fairly cheap. The slide also informed me of the fact that we make these plastic bags from oil. Well we are in an oil crisis right now. Why aren’t we, as a country, banning the use of plastic bags for the simple reason to save oil? China saved 37 million barrels of oil in one year from banning plastic bags. They most likely saved a ton of money from not having to dispose of all those bags. Why haven’t we done this already? This class has put me in a “Go Green” attitude....
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