Reduce - trash that is thrown in landfills or burned. If we...

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The terms “Reduce”, “Reuse”, “Recycle” described by the EPA on their official website are not there to seem like government policy because they are not. They are there to encourage people to do the right thing and remind them how to reduce their environmental footprint. If I were reminded on a daily basis to recycle the items that I normally throw in the trash I would do it more often. So much money can be saved by “reducing” the amount of trash that we toss every day by purchasing items that have less packaging. It could save millions of pounds a year of
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Unformatted text preview: trash that is thrown in landfills or burned. If we were to “Recycle” all the paper that you throw away in a day, and instead of buying new paper, purchase recycled paper we would save millions of trees from being cut down. All three of these methods are valuable because they all help cut down on the amount of green house gasses that are produce by us every year. The EPA breaks down each one of these topics and gives valuable guidance on how to properly use each method to conserve what we have and not be so wasteful....
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