Sabre Tech and Valujet

Sabre Tech and Valujet - explosion with the end result of...

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Sabre Tech and Valujet In the case Study of Valujet Flight 592 several things lead to the crash of flight 592. First the safety caps that must be installed on the oxygen canisters when performing maintenance on them were not installed, instead they were taped. These caps are there to insure that the explosive charge is not inadvertently set off. The paper work was signed off by the maintainers saying the caps were installed. After setting on the shelf for several weeks the canisters were shipped back to Valujet headquarters via flight 592. The boxes were label empty oxygen canisters even though most of them were full. The ramp agent accepted the load despite the fact that Valujet was not certified to carry hazardous wastes such as empty oxygen generators, which contain a toxic residue from the chemical reaction. The copilot also signed off on the load and the shipping ticket not thinking that there was a problem with carrying this cargo. The plane took off and jolted one of the canisters and caused the explosive charge went off triggering an
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Unformatted text preview: explosion with the end result of the aircraft crashing into the everglades killing all 110 passengers. The accident was caused by a failure to follow procedures and guidelines that are there for a reason. If one of these steps would have been followed this incident could have been avoided, and all 110 of the passengers could have still been alive and well today. Procedures are there for a reason and must be followed step by step to prevent mishaps like this from occurring. I work in the aviation field and we preach by the book maintenance on a daily basis to remind maintainers and Aircrew what could happen if we stray away from following the publications. The outcome of this accident lead to the demise of Sabre Tech which is no longer in business. Valujet was grounded for several months while the FAA did the investigation. They eventually changed the name of the business to Air Tran to lure business back....
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Sabre Tech and Valujet - explosion with the end result of...

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