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Consumers Consumers have the right to Choose, which means as a consumer you have the right to choose between a variety of products at competitive and reasonable prices. As a Consumer you have the right to Safety. The right to safety means that your health, safety and financial well being in the market place should be addressed while you are shopping. Consumers also have the right to be Informed. Information should be available to the consumer to make accurate and adequate decisions to protect them from misleading or deceiving purchases. As a Consumer you have the right to redress or express dissatisfaction or complain about issues you have with purchases. You have the right to be heard as a consumer which means the consumer’s interest should be given consideration during government processes. Most of all as a Consumer you have
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Unformatted text preview: the right to Privacy, which is the protection of your information and how it is used. I personally feel that these right should be considered ethical standards because a business that does not address my rights as a consumer are not providing a good or service that is good enough for me to use. I would not be able to trust the business if they did not address my rights as a consumer. If I were to purchase a vehicle for example and I was mislead about the value of the vehicle and it was a “lemon” but they sold it to me any way that is not ethical. If they were to give my personal information out to anyone that asked would also be detrimental to me and my family. These are things that would cause me to distrust the business and make me afraid as a consumer....
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