In the Matter of the Will of Marion L

In the Matter of the Will of Marion L - the right state of...

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In the Matter of the Will of Marion L. Priddy, Deceased Mr. Priddy did not have testamentary capacity at the time he executed his will. The simple fact that any man in his right mind would not leave everything he owned to his estranged wife which he had been separated from for 4 years. He lived with his daughter who took care of him from the time moved in with her until his passing. Several witnesses have claimed that he was not in
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Unformatted text preview: the right state of mind when he sign the will and one witness even said that he wanted to leave everything to his daughter. The evidence is there for the court to make the right decision and because there were two affidavits from witnesses to the signing of the will they dismissed the Caveat. I feel like the legal system failed Mr. Priddys daughter in this case and his estranged wife took advantage of a dying man....
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