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Aztec Well Servicing Company

Aztec Well Servicing Company - The traveling could be...

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Aztec Well Servicing Company Do I agree with the ruling? Yes because everything that the employees were using in their defense was a stretch to make applicable to their case. An Example of this would be those who were carrying essential tools and paper work to the tool pusher. This was done as a favor and not as a requirement by the employer. Do I feel that it is fair that the employees are not paid for their time traveling to and from the work site? No I don’t feel that it is fair, but sometimes the law isn’t always fair.
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Unformatted text preview: The traveling could be considered essential to the task being completed because if the employees did not travel to where the job was it would not get done, however, that is just part of life. I have to wake up every morning, get dressed, put on my uniform, get in my car and drive to work. I understand that I will not earn a paycheck if I do not come to work. I do not expect my employer to pay me extra to do these things i just do it because it is an essential part of life. The court’s ruling was valid....
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