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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences EE 105 Prof. Pister Spring 2011 Homework Assignment #2 (corrected) Due in the 105 box on the 2 nd floor of Cory, 5pm Friday 1/28/2010 1. Integrated circuits are typically required to operate over a temperature range from -40C to +85C, or in Kelvin, 273-40=233 to 273+85=358. For convenience, people often call 27C = 300K "room temp", even though that’s a pretty warm room (20—25C is more typical). Calculate the value of k B T at -40, room temp, and 85 centigrade. All of your answers should be to two significant digits. k B = 8.62e-5 eV/K 2. Calculate the intrinsic carrier concentration, n i , of silicon at -40, room temp, and 85 centigrade. One significant digit. Use E g = 1.1 eV 3. For a silicon sample doped with N D =1e16 phosphorous atoms/cc, calculate the minority carrier concentration at -40, room temp, and +85. 1 significant figure. 4.
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