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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences EE 105 Prof. Pister Spring 2011 Homework Assignment #3 Due in the 105 box on the 2 nd floor of Cory, 5pm Friday 2/4/2010 1. [30] " No calculator " questions. You should be able to answer these quickly without using a calculator. a) A junction is doped with N A =1e15 boron atoms per cc, and N D = 1e14 arsenic atoms per cc. Calculate the built-in potential at room temperature. b) In the previous junction, if the doping on one side of the junction is increased by 10x, how does the built-in potential change at room temp? c) In the previous junction running at a particular bias voltage, if the hole current across the junction is 1mA, what is a rough estimate for the electron current? d) if the temperature changes by +/- 30C around room temperature, what is the percentage change in the built- in potential for any semiconductor diode? e) You have a diode with IS = 1e-16.
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