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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences EE 105 Prof. Pister Spring 2011 Homework Assignment #4 Due in the 105 box on the 2 nd floor of Cory, 5pm Friday 2/11/2010 Problem 1: On a single graph on a piece of graph paper, draw a linear voltage axis from 0 to 2V, and a linear time axis from 0 to 3ns and plot the time response of the following circuits: a) a 1mA step function current source feeding a 1pF capacitor. b) a 1k resistor hooked to a 1V step function supply on one side, and a 1pF capacitor on the other. c) a 1uH inductor (I'm not so good at drawing inductors) from a 1V step function supply feeding a 1pF capacitor. Problem 2 : Consider an NPN transistor with I S =10 fA and a of 100. a) If the device is biased in the forward active region at room temperature, ignore the Early effect and calculate the base- emitter voltage required to get a collector current of 1uA. Don’t use a calculator! W hat is the base current that corresponds to this bias point?
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