hw9practiceMid2 - 10MHz What is the gain at 100kHz 5MHz and...

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EECS105 HW8 Due 4/2/2010 at 5pm Practice Midterm 2 Name__________________________ SID___________________________ 1) Fill in the following table. Do NOT use a calculator! 2)You make measurements on a transistor and find that with the source grounded and the drain voltage at 5V, the drain current increases from 1mA to 4mA as the gate voltage increases from 3V to 4V. When the gate voltage is 4V, the drain current increases from 4mA to 4.1mA when the drain voltage increases from 5V to 6V. What is Vt and lambda for this device? What is gm and ro when the drain voltage is 5V and the gate voltage is 4V? V t g m @ Vds=5, Vgs=4 r o @ Vds=5, Vgs=4 Prob. Score 1 /10 2 /15 3 /15 4 /10 5 /15 Total dB Power ratio 3 -3 6 -20 60 -63 57 -4 14
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3) Fill in the following table for a single-pole amplifier G m [S] R o [ ] C L [F] Av p [rad/s] u [rad/s] 5m 10k 1p 5p 10 10M 100m 5 20G 4) You have a single-pole amplifier with a low frequency gain of 100, and a gain of 10 at
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Unformatted text preview: 10MHz. What is the gain at 100kHz, 5MHz, and 20MHz? Frequency Gain 100kHz 5MHz 20MHz 5) What is the total impedance and the impedance seen seen “looking up” and “looking down” at the output node indicated in each circuit? Write your answer in terms of g mp , g mn, r on , and r op . Assume that all nmos devices have transconductance g mn and output resistance r on , and all pmos devices have transconductance g mp and output resistance r op . Write the full expression for up and down, and then the simplified total impedance assuming that gm*ro >> 1 for all combinations of gm and ro. Full expression Simplified expression for Ro, assuming gm ro >>1 R o1, up R o1 R o1, down R o2,up R o2 R o2,down R o3,up R o3 R o3,down R o4,up R o4 R o4,down Ro1 V A V B Ro3 Ro2 V B V A V B Ro4 V B V A V A R o1, down R o1, up...
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hw9practiceMid2 - 10MHz What is the gain at 100kHz 5MHz and...

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