Cancer Patient Sheet - Shonelle Best HCA 240 Cancer...

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Shonelle Best HCA 240 Cancer Information Sheet 6/12/2011 Cancer begins in the body's cells. Sometimes the process of the body to form new cells goes wrong and form extra cells. The mass of cells or tumor can either be benign(cancer) or malignant(non-cancer). The cancer spreads and ultimately invades the body. Breast cancer is a cancer that begins from the cells of the breast. Breast cancer is mainly found in women but men can also have breast cancer. In a life time 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Some risk factors that cannot be changed include: 1.) Age and gender- As you get older the chances of getting breast cancer is higher. Women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer than men. 2.) Family history- You could be at a greater risk for breast cancer if you have a close relative who has had breast, uterine, ovarian or colon cancer. 3.) Genes- Some people just are made up of genes that produce cancer cells that cause breast cancer. 4.) Menstrual cycle- Women who get their periods very early or went through early menopause
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Cancer Patient Sheet - Shonelle Best HCA 240 Cancer...

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