Overview (WK1)

Overview (WK1) - Unit1:Week1(Aug16Aug22) Overview: This...

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Unit 1: Week 1 (Aug 16 - Aug 22)   Overview:   This week is you will have a brief review of elementary statistics with the emphasis on descriptive statistics and preparing graphs. Also the student will learn how to use EXCEL and Megastat as a tool for doing statistical analysis. After  completing this course's work, the student will meet the following Departmental CLOs:   Course Core Learning Outcomes 3. Conduct hypothesis tests and confidence intervals on the mean and the difference between two means using the t statistic.  Week 1 Topics o Arithmetic mean, weighted mean, median, mode, and geometric mean  o Characteristics, uses, advantages, and disadvantages of each measure of location  o Position of the mean, median, and mode for both symmetric and skewed distributions  o Computation and interpretation of the range, mean deviation, variance, and standard deviation  o
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Overview (WK1) - Unit1:Week1(Aug16Aug22) Overview: This...

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