Quiz1 - The upper limit of the class The lower limit of the...

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Quiz (WK1) 1. A value that is typical or representative of the data is referred to as a measure of central location. (Points : 1) True False 2. For a set of grouped or ungrouped data, which measures of central location always have only one value? (Points : 1) Mode and median Mode and mean Mode and geometric mean Mean and median 3. Which measures of central location are not affected by extremely small or extremely large values? (Points : 1) Mean and median Mean and mode Mode and median Geometric mean and mean None of these 4. For an ungrouped data set with an odd number of observations that have been sorted or arrayed from smallest to largest values, where is the median located? (Points : 1) n n/2 (n + 1)/2 n + 1/2 5. For a data set, half of the observations are always greater than the ________. (Points : 1) Median Mode Mean Geometric mean
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6. In the calculation of the arithmetic mean for grouped data, which value is used to represent all the values in a particular class? (Points : 1)
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Unformatted text preview: The upper limit of the class The lower limit of the class The frequency of the class The cumulative frequency preceding the class The class midpoint 7. The ages of all the patients in the isolation ward of the hospital are 38, 26, 13, 41 and 22. What is the population variance? (Points : 1) 106.8 91.4 240.3 42.4 8. Based on the Empirical Rule, what percent of the observations will lie plus or minus two standard deviations around the mean? (Points : 1) 95% 5% 68% 2.5% 9. A disadvantage of using an arithmetic mean to summarize a set of data is (Points : 1) The arithmetic mean sometimes has two values It can be used for interval and ratio data It is always different from the median It can be biased by one or two extremely small or large values. 10. The lengths of time (in minutes) several underwriters took to review applications for similar insurance coverage are: 50, 230, 52 and 57. What is the median length of time required to review an application? (Points : 1) 54.5 141.0 97.25 109.0...
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Quiz1 - The upper limit of the class The lower limit of the...

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