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Unformatted text preview: Applied Mathematics E4301x Numerical Methods for PDEs Midterm Examination 15 October 2008 This exam requires your response to: ten short-answer questions, and three problems requiring show of work. All gradeable answers should be submitted in an exam bluebook. (However many books are needed, your name should be on each one and they should be numbered sequentially.) The short-answer questions demonstrate your familiarity with a broader range of topics than can all be examined in depth within an exam of reasonable length. The derivation problems demonstrate your ability to attack tasks whose solution is not apparent from the surface or by simple elimination of multiple choices. This exam is to be completed without access to course texts, notes, graded problem sets, problem set solutions, or any other external help. For the short-answer questions, there is little opportunity for partial credit, though if you wish to add nuances to a dichotomous true/false choice, or explain your reasoning for picking an...
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