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HW4 - Homework 4 Computer Analysis I A The pie chart...

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Homework 4 Computer Analysis I A. The pie chart indicates that 24.6 percent of the respondents like country music very much (I guess there’s no accounting for taste!), 37.8 percent like country music, 22.6 percent had mixed feelings, 10.7 percent dislike classical music, and 4.3 percent dislike classical music very much. Over half of the people surveyed have some positive attitude towards country music, while only 15 percent have some sort of negative attitude toward this type of music. B. 1. Some of the values are very strange – some of the people report that they watch TV 12, 16, or even 24 hours a day! As some of you pointed out, if you watch TV 24 hours a day, when do you work, or sleep, or go to the bathroom?!?! 2. No TV 3.8% 2 hours or less 53.0% 5 hours or more (100-84.2) = 15.8% OR (6.4+4.5+.7+2.1+.1+1+.5+.4) = 15.7% 1 hour we need to exclude people who watch 0 hours because of the way the question was worded. To do this, take N (1489) and subtract the number of people who watch no TV (56). Our new N is 1433.
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