School Intro - Hi everyone.My name is Jennifer Baxter I am...

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Unformatted text preview: Hi everyone...My name is Jennifer Baxter; I am a married 29 yo mother of two. I have a 6 yo daughter, Angelina, and 14 mo son, Evan. We live in the great Pacific Northwest in Olympia, WA. I have been a stay at home for some time, and the more time that passes me by, the more I realize I want to finish my degree and be prepared for when my youngest starts school and I am able to go back to work. My husband is a Lieutenant with the Fire Department and therefore it plays a huge role in our home life. I became the Secretary-Treasurer of the Fire District's Firefighters Association (a non-profit organization that supports the firefighters, their families, and the community), and have thus decided to finish my degree in Business Administration. It's nice to meet everyone; I look forward to working with you throughout the course!...
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