BUS620-WK 5 Assignment

BUS620-WK 5 Assignment - Virtual Marketplace 1 Netflix...

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Virtual Marketplace 1 Netflix Space in the Virtual Marketplace Jennifer Baxter BUS 620 Professor Zobisch March 21, 2011
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Virtual Marketplace 2 An organization holds a “space” presence in its market in the form of ecommerce and websites via the internet. This digital form of marketing can be utilized in addition to, or in lieu of, a physical “place” which consists of a brick and mortar store. While many enterprises have long looked at product, pricing and promotion as ways to expand revenues, one of the strongest strategies in the marketing mix is place. There are many companies that have mastered the art of distribution, although few of them have achieved competitive advantage (Customer Targeting, 2010). According to Mullins and Walker (2010), “the Web offers opportunities to create new companies, and it can help transform old-economy companies and provide attractive opportunities for growth” (p 373). Mullins and Walker contend that, “ while improving customer loyalty is crucial for maintaining market share and profitability as markets mature, an increasing number of
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BUS620-WK 5 Assignment - Virtual Marketplace 1 Netflix...

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