BUS 620-WK 3 Assignment

BUS 620-WK 3 Assignment - Discount Destination 1 A Discount...

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Discount Destination 1 A Discount Destination that Delivers Jennifer Baxter BUS 620 Professor Zobisch March 7, 2011
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Discount Destination 2 Expect More, Pay Less. This is one discount store’s way of enticing consumers by utilizing their outlet in the marketplace to fulfill the needs and desires in which consumers’ lifestyles demands; the promise of gaining more ‘bang for the buck’ is Target’s way of appealing to its market. Consumers engaging in Target’s shopping experience are wowed by Target’s ability to uphold its promise of providing department store merchandise at discount store prices. The segments they target, the position they possess in the market, and the ideals they deliver continue to prove fruitful as Target continuously delivers superior value while building profitable relationships with its customers, and at the same time creating profits and customer equity for the company. “With more shopping options than ever before, from online merchants to retailers specializing in competitive pricing on electronics, household goods, clothing, beauty products, and groceries, even the more well-known and larger stores are hard-pressed to distinguish themselves from the pack” (Knowledge at Emory). In order for the upscale discount retailer to remain a popular destination for shoppers, Target zeroes in on their target market. And although an economy retailer, Target has moved away from the more traditional cost-leadership approach of its discount competitors. Mullins and Walker (2010) discuss market segmentation: “In virtually any market, if different segments can be clearly identified, specific products with specific marketing programs can be developed to meet both the physical needs of the consumer
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BUS 620-WK 3 Assignment - Discount Destination 1 A Discount...

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