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BUS620 - Wk1 Assignment - 1 A Tough Pill to Swallow...

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1 A Tough Pill to Swallow Jennifer Baxter BUS 620 Managerial Marketing Professor Zobisch February 21, 2011 Introduction The marketing function is utilized to create connections between consumer and organization that will lead to a beneficial relationship for both parties. Marketing attempts to measure and anticipate the needs and wants of the consumer, and then respond with a flow of need-satisfying goods and services. However, there are times when a consumer is in need of a product or service, but are not happy to be in need of such product or service. Take for instance; the need for medicine to cure a temporary illness, or even medicine to balance out a more permanent illness. Individuals in need of such a product may not be
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2 thrilled that they have to spend money on this type of product. In this situation, the marketing function should exude higher levels of care and concern for meeting consumers’ needs in order to convince the consumer it will be worth their investment, especially if the product requires more investment than a counterpart. Impacts to the Exchange Relationship Every product or service has at least one powerful motivator which can be used to seduce buyers into spending their money in return for the promise of satisfaction. If a marketer knows what they’re selling, and knows how to promise the right satisfactions, a marketer can dominate their field; a marketing strategy can only succeed if marketers identify consumers’ exact, inner motivations and the exact way their product or service can satisfy
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BUS620 - Wk1 Assignment - 1 A Tough Pill to Swallow...

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