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1 Motivation in the Workplace Jennifer Baxter Bus 610 Organizational Business Professor Theodore January 24, 2011 Introduction Employees’ attitudes towards their work are a direct result of the motivation they are given by their management team. Motivation is the very determinant that justifies the effort that employees put forth. Therefore, it is management’s responsibility to provide the proper outcomes that will drive employees to input their absolute maximum. Based on employees’ needs and desires, managers can determine what type of incentives to offer when goals are met and the organization is thriving due to employees’ diligence.
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2 Problem Situation The fire department is a highly respected agency that operates simply to serve the citizens in its community. East Olympia Fire Department is a department majorly based on volunteer firefighters. This civic responsibility involves the giving of time and labor without the expectation of monetary compensation. A major factor in why these individuals give themselves so selflessly revolves around the culture of the fire department; the culture that a fire department breeds is that of family. Honor, duty, integrity and pride permeate a fire department and when all members of the organization value the same ethics, the more unified and therefore stronger the family will be. Volunteer firefighters trade in their free time and time with their families in order to serve the community, and happily do so when their “home away from home” is a positive and empowering environment to work in. When the fire chief begins failing at his duty to uphold specific values and protect the family culture, the successful partnerships that have been established may be severed and the department’s culture, as well as ties with the community become jeopardized. The fire chief of EOFD has recently begun backpedaling in the rewards and incentives he has
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OB - WK3 paper - 1 Motivation in the Workplace Jennifer...

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