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OB - WK 1 dq’s Discussion: Define the term e-business, and explain at least three practical lessons about effective e-leadership in a virtual organization. E-business is defined by Kinicki and Kreitner (2009) as “using the internet to facilitate every aspect of running a business.” The success of an e-business relies heavily on effective indirect communication between the leadership and the virtual workforce, thus promoting a more effective and efficient way of managing a business. For managers to obtain effective leadership in a virtual organization, they need to facilitate team coherence by developing linked individual goals, in turn building a compatible network of role expectations. In addition, an effective e-leadership should provide the means for employees to collaborate through multiple modes of communication which encourages frequent communication. This sharing of information so easily and readily via the internet allows for a virtual organization to collectively achieve goals and remain competitive in the marketplace. Along with understanding and utilizing such available technologies, the virtual workforce is able to improve work processes; but on the other hand should still be able to “detach” themselves from work. The Human Relations Movement. Discuss the Hawthorne Experiment and its implications as a legacy in the workplace; compare and contrast McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y assumptions about employees, and any personal experiences you have had with Theory X and Y managers, and which you prefer and why. According to Kinicki and Kreitner (2009), the Hawthorne Experiment dealt with the legalization of union-management collective bargaining in the workplace and its effects on the workplace (pg. 8). Due to the change, employers began looking for new ways of handling employees and while doing so taking into consideration factors revolving around employees’
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OB - WK 1 dq’s - O B WK 1 dqs Discussion...

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