PHI 445 Ethics-Wk5 DQ's

PHI 445 Ethics-Wk5 DQ's - 1 CaseStudy#7:BendixPolitics...

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1. Case Study #7: Bendix Politics In one paragraph, supported with evidence from your text and from other  research, answer 1 (one) of the following questions. Be sure to include the text of  the question itself with your answer: List all the political tactics that you think were used by the various parties involved in the case. Explain why you classify these as "political tactics." Political tactics are described by Velasquez (2006) as, “the processes in which individuals or groups within an organization use nonformally sanctioned power tactics to advance their own aims (in which aims are described as being in conflict with the best interests of the organization)” (pg 390). I think that multiple tactics were used by the employees involved in the Bendix case; from William Agee, chairman of Bendix Corporation to a media reporter covering the organization’s meeting of employees. The tactics used include: Blaming or attacking others, Developing a base of support for one’s ideas, Image building, Ingratiation, Associating with the influential, Getting control over scarce resources desired by others, and Establishing favorable relationships (pg 391). These methods are classified as political tactics in this case because all parties involved had a stake in the outcome of the internal reorganization of the company, and some employees felt they were being overlooked due to certain personal relationships. First off, Ms. Cunningham, despite her merit or work performance, held a relationship
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PHI 445 Ethics-Wk5 DQ's - 1 CaseStudy#7:BendixPolitics...

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