PHI 445 Ethics-Wk3 DQ's

PHI 445 Ethics-Wk3 DQ's - 1. CaseStudy5:GeneralElectric

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1. Case Study 5: General Electric In one paragraph, supported with evidence from your text and from other  research, answer 1 (one) of the following questions. Be sure to include the text of  the question itself with your answer: Why was GE's written policy on antitrust ineffective? In his book White Collar Crime, Edwin Sutherland hypothesized that "criminal behavior [in business] is learned in association with those who define such behavior favorably and in isolation from those who define it unfavorably. . . . As a part of the process of learning practical business, a young man with idealism and thoughtfulness for others is inducted into white collar crime" (pp. 234 and 240). To what extent was this hypothesis verified in the case of GE? What implications, if any, does this have for moral responsibility within GE? Within any business? GE’s written policy on antitrust was ineffective for multiple reasons. One, the policy was not written as a part of preventative maintenance; the policy was comprised after the fact when suits had already been filed against the corporation. The company should have had an antitrust policy in place along with other traditional measures that are put in place in order to keep operations on the up and up. Also, the policy was too broad. It posed as an umbrella to “capture” anything that fell under it, but it failed to provide direction in which employees should go when
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PHI 445 Ethics-Wk3 DQ's - 1. CaseStudy5:GeneralElectric

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