HRM Week3 Overview - Systems Job Evaluation Systems...

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Systems 1 Job Evaluation Systems Jennifer Baxter BUS 303 Human Resource Management Professor Sheree Dove October 26, 2009
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Systems 2 Job evaluation systems are an important aspect of the Human Resource Department. The systems are designed and implemented in order to compare the various jobs within an organization to best determine the pay structure that couples each job description. The job evaluation is a formal process in which the amount of pay for each job relates to the extent to which that job contributes to organizational effectiveness. The specific systematic comparison varies among organizations, but typically it is one of four methods used to evaluate the job. According to the office manager of East Olympia Fire District 6, the job evaluation system used to determine the pay scale is a classification system. Ivancevich (2010) contends that, “the classification system groups a set of jobs together into a grade or classification. First, the job evaluator decides how many classifications the job structure has to be broken into. Second, the definitions of each class must be written. The definition provides the production standards upon which the compensation system will be built” (pg 312). I learned that there are 6 grades on the pay scale, all of which have 5 steps within each grade, with the exception of Firefighter. This grade starts off as part-time, and then continues to
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HRM Week3 Overview - Systems Job Evaluation Systems...

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