kyles grant - East Olympia Fire District 6 is unique as we...

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East Olympia Fire District 6 is unique as we have every variety of a big city in our small rural district ; we have residential, agricultural, industrial and military zones. We have a chemical plant, natural gas pipeline, Military testing area , a highway and a railroad line that 3 major rail compan ies use which transects our district in 3 different areas. On an incident stand point , our district is at a huge risk , but on a Publ ic education standpoint we are at an even greater risk and here’s why : With the current economy and budgetary restraints we know we need hose, medical supplies and a gamete of specialized tools for the above listed hazards. So , when we're running short on funding what is the first area a ffected? It's public education. According to our reporting soft (?), 46.7% of our fires last year were able to grow due to the homes having either no smoke detectors or faulty smoke detectors. At 86% of our fires , there were no fire extinguishers present or they w ere used inappropriately. In yet another case , a 4 year old did not know what number to call when her father was suffering from a stroke. I can honestly say if we were able to have a more pro active public education program , these numbers might not be as high. It is East Olympia’s goal to accomplish the following: Have a public education program for every grade in our schools, have each member (that wants it) in our community CPR certified, teach the proper techniques a s well as the importance of in home fire extinguishers, provide smoke detectors to every citizen who cannot afford it and to change out the batteries in those smoke detectors for those who are physically unable to. In addition, we would like to provide free and voluntary home inspections. Public Education for every class: We currently have a curriculum that will allow each age group in our schools to progressively learn and retain fire safety knowledge . W hat we do not have is the funding for the materials that it will take to teach this curriculum . The steps in this process are as follows: Preschooler s are exposed to the firefighters at an early age to see
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kyles grant - East Olympia Fire District 6 is unique as we...

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