Business Law I Wkly Assgmts

Business Law I Wkly Assgmts - B usiness Law I Wkly Assgmts...

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Business Law I – Wkly Assgmts Whistleblowing - Week 1 Read Case Question #30 on age 27 of your text. Provide a discussion for each of your answers to questions a, b and c. In the case of Ayer, the engineer, withholding information from consumers in accordance with their safety and well-being, I believe to be a moral dilemma between the obligations of the corporation and the rights of the consumer. A) If Ayer chooses to ignore the knowledge of wrongdoings, he is, not only likely to be in violation of the corporation’s code of ethics, but he is also denying the moral obligation that the corporation has to its customers, suppliers and employees. If he does not address it, the manufacturers will more than likely continue to act in unethical ways. B) If Ayer did nothing due to his concern of a freeze of manufacturing, thus resulting in loss of jobs, he should consider the safety of the consumers and how he would feel if individuals were seriously injured or killed. He should weigh the consequences of both situations and make his decision based on which outcome would cause more harm. In addition, if a lawsuit was filed against the corporation due to negligent products discovered by consumers; that would also create disruption of operating procedures within the corporation. C) If Ayer released his findings to the media, he should do it anonymously in order to keep his status intact with the corporation. Ideally, manufacturers would address and correct the issue promptly. Depending on how they go about this, would determine if they were able keep their reputation intact with employees, suppliers, and consumers. On the other hand, if the issue was denied and therefore not fixed, it could lead to a drop in shareholder satisfaction, thus leading to a drop in profitability. In addition, the government has enacted legislation to ensure fair labor practices and to enforce existing statutes. These include The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Administrative Law - Week 1 Research a federal agency online and discuss each of the following questions: a. What businesses does the agency oversee or regulate? b. Why is important that this agency oversee or regulate these businesses? c. What recent action or ruling has the agency made? One federal agency that exists to protect the safety and well being of citizens of the United States of America is the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that is responsible for protecting the public health. They oversee the nation’s food supply, human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA regulates all businesses
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that manufacture, sell, and administer these products to society. In addition, imported products are analyzed to ensure their compliance with the FDA’s standards. It is important for this agency to regulate these businesses in order to protect the
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Business Law I Wkly Assgmts - B usiness Law I Wkly Assgmts...

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