ORG MGT 435 - Raising Awareness by Remodeling Leadership

ORG MGT 435 - Raising Awareness by Remodeling Leadership -...

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Raising Awareness 1 Raising Awareness by Remodeling Leadership Jennifer Baxter MGT 435 Organizational Change Professor Dave Hannum July 13, 2009
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Raising Awareness 2 Thurston County District Six Firefighter’s Association was formed conducive to providing a social organization for all firefighters and their families, as well as to promote community activities and support of the fire department through their involvement. In pursuance of such goals, members have joined the organization, lead by three Board of Directors, for the sake of seeking such support. Due to a variety of conventional day to day restraints that threaten the members’ ability or willingness to join and/or participate, involvement has become limited, and fundraisers and events that otherwise thrive on members’ unwavering support have begun to dwindle. By remodeling leadership methods, as well as restructuring internal operating procedures, the organization can overcome their competition, gain support and, in turn, become more ideally suited for today’s and tomorrow’s ever changing environment. The leaders of the District Six Firefighters Association need to transform their vision for the organization into a reality by offering direction and focus for its members, integrating different tools in order to better engage their motivation, as well as staying true to some specific and timeless principles. Trautmann, Maher, and Motley (2007) denote that “the nonprofit sector is not shielded from the continuous changes that are buffeting the world. Resources are shrinking. Demands for accountability, particularly board and executive accountability, are increasing. Competition (for funding, skilled staff, dedicated board members, clients, and the attention of the community) is fierce” (¶ 3). Therefore, the organization needs to begin performing with the proper transformational leadership behaviors that will increase overall organizational performance by instilling a higher level of commitment from its members. In order to best hinder the elements which stand to threaten the organization, the Board of
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ORG MGT 435 - Raising Awareness by Remodeling Leadership -...

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