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Group Behavior in Organizations – MGT 415 Weekly Assignments Johnson, D.W., & Johnson, F.P. (2009). Joining Together – Group Theory and Group Skills. Boston: Pearson Education Ltd. WK 1 – Group Membership List - Week 1 List all the groups/teams to which you belong. Discuss why you joined the groups and what dimensions make certain groups more productive and satisfying for you. I am a part of multiple groups, although sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, since a few of them only require my participation part-time… First, and foremost, my family is the number one group I am a part of. I stay home and take care of my two children, our dog, and our home while my husband is the sole breadwinner of the group. I am extremely lucky to be able to stay home to raise my kids, but it does get overwhelming sometimes because my husband is gone so much for work, and so I feel as if I’m doing it alone. The second group I am apart of is the District 6 Firefighter’s Association. I am the Secretary- Treasurer and we support the fire department by setting up fundraising in order to raise funds to support the firefighters and their families. We coordinate events such as summer picnics, awards banquet, and the annual Christmas party. In addition, we raise funds to support our community in situations such as families who lose their homes to fire or low income families at the beginning of the school year and Christmas time. The third group I belong to is this group here at Ashford that I am a part of. I am striving to finish my degree and this group is the most flexible in allowing me to do so. It has its struggles, but has been mostly pleasant thus far. The fourth group I joined was to better benefit my daughter’s educational experience. I am a part of the PTA at her school where she is in the first grade (for a few more days). By being involved, we attend a lot of school functions which, in turn, enables her to enjoy her schooling that much more! The fourth group I chose to join is the social committee of our HOA. I live in a brand new community and we are still fairly small. I, along with other neighbors, welcome new families, and coordinate events such as annual garage sale, block parties, and holiday events. We believe in keeping our neighborhood intimate, and so we strive to build relationships with our neighbors who feel the same way. The last (and least amount of involvement) group I am a part of is an annual river rafting group. We were invited to join by close friends, but the entire group (like 100 ppl) is typically people we only see either two or three times a year, or some only during this one event. The entire trip is
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coordinated and so brainless to be a part of. We show up every year on the same weekend with our tent and our food and the rest is already taken care of. It’s such a treat to have others do the planning and decision making. Group Analysis - Week 1
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MGT415-GroupBehavior-WKLYASSGMTS - Group Behavior in...

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