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Visual Literacy - weeklyassgmts - I enjoyed the last movie...

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I enjoyed the last movie I saw in the theater: “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey. While sometimes I think he is slightly over the top (with his facial expressions and dramatic body movements), I thought he did a good job in this film. He plays a depressed man who is down in the dumps because of a divorce from his wife. He continually turns down invitations to social gatherings and hanging out with friends, just to stay home and watch movies while he drowns in self pity. After running into an old friend, he reluctantly attends a convention that teaches him to say ‘yes’ to things, instead of ‘no’. Once he makes this covenant, his world begins to turn around and he begins to realize there is another life out there for him. I enjoyed this movie for a few reasons. The first being that it continually made me laugh; Jim Carrey does a great job delivering comedy and there were quite a few funny scenarios, made even more funny by his signature for flair! The other reason I enjoyed this film was the lesson behind the plot; What is the influence of television commercials on American culture? If you could do something about TV commercials what would you do? I believe that television commercials have an extremely profound influence on American culture, admittedly negative. Sadly, commercials are able to persuade individuals to, among a number of things, purchase certain products, use certain services, and eat certain foods. Unfortunately though, these products, services, and foods are not always the best things for us. Despite this, marketing companies do research in order to learn about what appeals to their targeted audience in a way that makes it difficult for the consumers to turn away. According to Berger, “.. commercials can utilize hard-wired elements in our brains to obtain their effects. [This includes] such phenomena as our tendency to return the gaze of others (direct-eye response),
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Visual Literacy - weeklyassgmts - I enjoyed the last movie...

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