The Proposal - community. Third, the proposal will aid in...

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The Proposal – Due Week 2 Write a proposal for this project that includes: A clear description of the complex idea, body of information or message you intend to communicate. A clear description of the three “approaches to visual communication” you plan to utilize. Information graphics Symbols and signs Shapes and colors Images and groups of images Charts and graphs Typography Cartoons and illustrations I am preparing to aid in the proposal of a Levy Lid-Lift to the community of Thurston County Fire District 6 in East Olympia, WA. The proposition to the citizens of the county will, first and foremost, create name recognition for East Olympia Fire District 6 since many people in the district think they are a part of neighboring districts. Second, the proposition will allow the members of the department to meet and greet residents of the community and inform them of the extensive list of services they offer the
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Unformatted text preview: community. Third, the proposal will aid in the campaign to raise a tax that will ultimately enable the fire department to provide a more efficient service to its residents within its district. To visually communicate the proposal, I intend to use:-EOFD Logo-Shapes/colors of dept-Graph to portray the declining levy rate compared to rising costs of providing services-Chart depicting how much the levy lid-lift will cost each resident of the district-Flyer to convey information regarding the services the department provides now, as well as what the Levy Lid-Lift will allow them to accomplish in the future. -Sign (door hanger) campaigning to Vote Yes! Upload Assignment: Project Proposal The assignment h Monday, February 23, 20...
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The Proposal - community. Third, the proposal will aid in...

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